New Jersey State Science Day



The NJ State Science Day program is a competition between individuals and among teams of secondary school students on the subjects of Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Earth, Space and Environmental Science funded by several scientific companies designed to identify outstanding science students within the state of NJ.The competition will take place online on Tuesday, March 31, 2020.The NJ State Science Day program will be held simultaneously at each school that registers. All schools must have the ability to administer the assessments electronically, and should make available the use of one keyboard computer per student for the exam day. Tablet style computers are not allowed. Once registered for NJ State Science Day, please arrange in advance to have computers available for Tuesday, March 31, 2020.


The assessments for all schools will be made available on Tuesday, March 31, 2020 only. The duration of each assessment is 90 minutes. The time of day for testing at each school is flexible, but all students within a given school must begin and end the assessments at the same time. We suggest setting aside a 2-hour block of time to complete the competition.


Students from grades 9 through 12 are eligible to compete. The Integrated Sciences I exam is for students who have taken only one year of each science, but have NOT taken an AP level or second year course in ANY science. Students who are taking or have previously taken any AP science MUST take the Integrated Sciences II exam.


The Integrated Sciences I & II exams incorporate concepts of Earth Science, Biology, Chemistry, and Physics according to NGSS guidelines. Exams will be scenario based and require students to integrate knowledge from all sciences to solve the problems and answer questions.

Number of Entrants

Each secondary school in New Jersey is invited to enter one or more students as follows:
     • If the total enrollment is 500 or fewer, the school may enter 6 students per exam, for a maximum number of 12 students.
     • If the total enrollment is 501-1000, the school may enter 8 students per exam, for a maximum number of 16 students.
     • If the total enrollment is 1001 -1500, the school may enter 10 students per exam, for a maximum number of 20 students.
     • If the total enrollment is over 1500, the school may enter 12 students per exam, for a maximum number of 24 students.
     • The maximum number of students is called a “complete compliment of students.”


Calculators may be used. However, calculators with programmatic capability may not be used

Local NJSSD Coordinator

The Local NJSSD Exam Coordinator is a high school faculty member or administrator who will register the school, receive instructions for student registration and will administer the exams on Test Day.

Individual Scores

Individual scores on all tests will be computed on the basis of the number of correct answers


Plaques, certificates, recognition items and awards program will be among the forms of awards given to top scoring students in the state and counties and the schools with the top 5 combined scores in the state.

Announcement of Results

Each participating school will receive a complete list of winners electronically as soon as the results have been computed.


State Awards

The top 5 students in each Integrated Sciences test will be named as State Science Day Scholars and receive a commemorative gift and participate in an awards program. The top ten percent (10%) of the remaining students in the state will receive an Honorable Mention award.

County Awards

The students with the top score on the Integrated Sciences I test and the Integrated Sciences II test in each county will receive a certificate of recognition and an invitation to the awards program

Combined Score

A combined score will be computed for schools with a complete compliment of students in both exams. The combined score will be computed by summing all scores on the Integrated Sciences I exam with all scores on the Integrated Sciences II exam and dividing by 2

Certificates of Participation

Each student competing in the NJ State Science Day program will be awarded a certificate of participation.


School and student registration will take place online. The tests will be answered on-line as well.School Registration will be active from February 1, 2020 to March 15, 2020.


Confirmation of registration will be sent electronically to the registered email address.


Please email inquiries to:
Bettyann Howson
Email: StateScienceDay@gmail.com
Voice: 201-787-0108

State Science Day Committee

  • Elizabeth Howson
    Chatham HS, Retired

  • Margaret Holzer
    Chatham HS

  • Cheryl Zanone
    NJSTA, President

    Guida Furia

Jim Messersmith
NJSTA, Retired

Nancy Evans-Bennett
NJSTA, Retired

Kevin Campos
Merck & Co

Kim Case
R & D Council of NJ

Rose Rios
NJ Economic Development Authority

Amjad Ali
N. Jersey American Chemical Society

Gino Salituro
Merck & Co

State Science Day is made possible by support from the following companies: